Harmony of Thelema

A method of emancipating attention.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Infinity is a willing process of thinking and feeling. Change is the balance of effortless action. Pressure, death, and harmony are the way, truth, and life. Divine union is mental to physical attention. Love is the law, love under will. Attention is love.

Aleister Crowley gave the Book of the Law at the Spring Equinox of 1904, revealing Thelema. Thelema is Greek for pure will, corresponding to Agape, love.

It is an inspired document prophesying a new eon called the Aeon of Horus, the Redeemer, begun in 1904. It explains the symbology of the last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse of Revelation, from its actual perspective.

Horus is the child of the matriarchal eon of Isis and the patriarchal eon of Osiris. The new eon is the magical union of male and female polarities, replacing all constructions of conflicting dualities.

The symbol for Thelema is a hexagram: a six-pointed star of two equilateral triangles: the upright is male, the reverse is female, and their union of energies is whole and divine.

The emancipation of attention is the harmony of Thelema. This document explains the essential nature of the Law, harmonizing the complexity of Thelemic writing and the Tree of Life with a four-step method of attaining enlightenment: the liberty of freedom from suffering.

Thelema is the whole of the law: Agape is the law. Love is a Great Entity whose Will is the entirety of the Cosmos, unveiling the first and last Word to be none other than a progressive Revelation of the Eternal Return & Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The message of the Law is:

  • The infinite intelligence of infinite space is the will of attention.
  • The three energies of attention are activity, passivity, and neutrality.
  • Infinite space moves as a circular motion equaling not one but nothing that is two: attention & space.
  • Every man and every woman are an infinite moment of attention. Space is within each moment, not the moment within space. There is no difference.
  • Matter, motion, and attention infinitely conjoin in ecstasy: the total of all possibilities of space becoming real in time through motion.
  • All thought is words illuminated by projected meaning from thinking. The definition of ABRAHADABRA is that infinite words are true and not.
  • Not is a name for the wordless attention of space.
  • The purpose of all words and thought is to display the absolute perfection of space, thus ending the necessity of words and thought.
  • The end of words is the end of thinking, the death of hope and its opposites, the end of death and time, which are only words. Everything is perfect without words or thought.
  • What does not enhance the perception of perfection is a curse to die. All problems result from thinking with conflicting words.
  • A formless uncontradicted intelligent attention exists apart from all forms of thought and language.
  • The continuity of infinite existence is the omnipresent attention of space.
  • Life's work is to unite with and do the will of omnipresent attention.
  • Truth is the liberty of omnipresent attention.
  • Scattered attention is bondage.

A method of waking up to the awareness of higher intelligence is magick:

finite thought + finite concentration + finite time = infinite manifestation

The process of initiation into higher intelligence looks like this:

  • First: attention sees only unknown finitude observing itself infinitely separate from the infinite motion of space.
  • Second: attention sees partial infinity defining itself as finite mental activity as something different from the infinite motion of space.
  • Third: attention understands now there is only intelligent change and that Cosmos is the motion of physical change in time, and the mind is the motion of mental change in space.

The two dimensions within one infinite existence are physical and mental. Freedom from suffering is the clear perception of persistently enjoying joining them. Imbalanced attention is a disease.

The method of emancipation is infinite lovemaking with attention:

  1. Self-observation & non-expression of negativity.

  2. Honesty & commitment to interpreting everything as a particular dealing of infinite intelligence from infinite space.

  3. Examine everything drawing attention with persistent intensity until exhaustion.

  4. Do what thou wilt & absolutely nothing else.

Darkness gives way to the brightness of light. Love is the law, love under will.

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